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Is cuimhin le Lennon

In an earlier post I described the first time I heard the Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus”. Wow! It made me realise that the B-side of a single could be better than the A-side. In those days, singles were released on a 7-inch vinyl disc. There was a song on each side but the A-side was the one the radio DJs played. In late-November 1967 the Beatles released “Hello, Goodbye”, a catchy pop song sung by Paul McCartney that gave the Beatles their fourth Christmas number 1. However the B-side was much more interesting I thought. Because the lyrics of “I Am the Walrus” included the word “knickers”, some radio stations refused to play the B-side at all. That’s probably why I heard it for the first time in a dance hall. The lyrics were nonsensical but George Martin’s musical arrangement, particularly the chanting chorus, created a sense of mounting tension that I found mesmerising. John Lennon took the lead vocal on “I Am the Walrus” and from then on I began to associate him with the more complex a

Ag dul sa tóir ar na deamhain

While going through some old papers recently I came across a document that made me pause. It was stuck in a folder along with a number of official-looking school certificates. This was a certificate too, except it had nothing to do with my less-than-stellar educational achievements.  It is a single sheet of roughly A4-sized heavy-duty paper. Most of the text on it is printed, with my own handwriting inserted in a couple of places. This is what it said.